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  Most casinos provide player score cards as a service to their players. The players jot down the winning numbers of a gaming session in an effort to predict roulette behaviour. Copy the winning numbers from the player score .... Roulette Certification case Roulette Barchart
  Complements both the Barchart and Wheelchart. The Chi-squared plot is a very sensitive indicator of bias and when used to monitor the same roulette wheel over several gaming sessions it can identify player advantage ... Roulette Certification case Roulette Chi-squared
  The ultimate roulette game for both players and casino operators. It can be used to develop gaming strategies, check wagering systems and understand the effects of table limits. Includes a starting table float, up to eight player colours, table limits, fills / credits and much more... Roulette Certification case Casino Roulette   
  Ideal for discerning players to analyse the results of roulette gaming action, whether online or offline for advantageous trends, test any of the ‘winning systems’ and strategies currently on offer on the internet . Also features a wagering strategy designer with detailed reports ..... Roulette Certification case Roulette Simulator
  The original research software - ideal for designing roulette wheels and testing or assessing roulette behaviour. It features c. 200 screens ranging from remote video trackig (for cylinder deceleration and predicting the winning number in real time) to roulette emulator, coefficient or restitution ..... Roulette Certification case Roulette Behaviour Analysis
  The document written in Adobe’s PDF format complements the Help file of the Roulette Predictor software and provides details of Prediction Models 1, 2 and 2-clicks. A must for the discerning player who would like to get a basic understanding on how it all works. The CD also includes some video clips that can be used by the Predictor video tracker .... Roulette Certification case Roulette Predictor User’s Guide   
  The latest state-of-the-art software that aids the discerning player to learn how to predict the winning number. The player can use video clips (or a live video camera) to see how the Predictor tracks both ball and wheel, works out the pocket where the ball is likely to land and displays the .. Roulette Certification case Roulette Predictor   
  Complements the Barchart. The winning numbers are displayed in a Wheel-chart format; the application features a simple statistical analysis e.g. Chi-squared, Standard deviation, Black, Red and Odds ......... Roulette Certification case Roulette Wheelchart
  The User Guide gives a detailed account of the individual modules comprising the research software. Also includes how to edit, split (or chain) winning number files, change the number sequence of the roulette wheel, remotely track the deceleration of the cylinder, analyse gaming sessions, plot the House Advantage and much more ........ Roulette Certification case Roulette Behaviour Analysis User’s Guide
  Brand-new, unused, unworn and undamaged pair of roulette edition cufflinks in the original packaging (such as the original pouch); the cufflinks are classy and in the shape of a roulette wheel with a miniature roulette ball - a perfect addition to your cufflinks collection. Please note that it is not a working roulette wheel.   Roullete Cufflinks   Roulette Edition Cufflinks
  The emphasis of the Certification Programme has been on roulette behaviour rather than specific dimensions, statistical tests and high manufacturing tolerances. Most, if not all, reputable suppliers use CNC technology thus producing wheels of high manufacturing tolerances. Roulette Certification case Roulette Certification Program
  This electronic version of single zero roulette wheel sports a 91 mm (3.6”) diameter fiberglass printed circuit board with 37 light-emitting diodes emulating a real spinning roulette wheel; one can hear the spinning via the piezoelectric speaker and a winning tune at the end of the spin. Constructed (no assembly is needed), tested and ready to use by connecting three AA batteries (not included).   Electronic Roullete wheel   Electronic Roulette Wheel
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