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‘Evolution of the roulette wheel’ World Casino Industry Review - January 1996 Any advantage that might change the odds against the house is of interest - however small.
‘The future of live table games’ Casino World - January/February 2000 The generation of casino revenue from slots to live table games
‘Roulette: The Anatomy of Table Loss’ Casino World - January/February 1998. An insight and analysis of the reasons why gaming tables lose.
‘What’s your game?’ Casino World - January/February 2003 If you think you have an idea for a good game, here is what to do next.
‘The history of the casino chip’ Casino World -January 1997 An examination of the evolution of the casino chip from its humble beginnings to the pseudo intelligent.
The Roulette Behaviour Analysis (RBA) software ‘tool box’ helps the user to design roulette wheels, assess roulette behaviour and to identify bias, if any. Some wheels are more predictable than other wheels and the Epsilon module helps the user to identify the predictability of a particular wheel. by predict the winning numbers in real time and comparing the results. Over thirty-three modules and hundreds of screens. Video films may be used in lieu of a remote live video camera.

Suitable for research workers, roulette wheel manufacturers and discerning operators.
Our pioneering empirical research activities cover a wide spectrum of roulette subjects and their applications, for example, roulette wheel design, behaviour analysis and certification. The main focus of our research is in two areas, those of behaviour and prediction. We can provide solutions to most of your needs and wants and offer bespoke software applications at low cost. If you have a particular need please Contact Us

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Prediction: The Epsilon algorithms predict the winning number by means of a remote video camera monitoring a gaming table in real time (or from video recordings of earlier gaming action). The 2-clicks predictor emulates current prediction devices and displays the outcome in a graphical form. Acoustical Test: Extracts of a report on the effects of ball-track blemishes and their corresponding effect on the audio spectra. Examples of Research Projects
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