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This electronic roulette (printed circuit board from Velleman) is just like ‘the real thing’; it proved a winner with lots of players.

Main Features:
  • Push the blue ‘Start’ button to ‘spin the wheel’;
  • The light emitting diodes flash in a spinning sequence and stop at random
  • declaring the winning number;
  • Spinning sound and winner tune for each colour;
  • Microprocessor technology with low power consumption and auto power off;
  • No previous experience (whether technical or gaming) is assumed or needed.
If you need to check the randomness of the outcome, why not become a member (its free) and download our Barchart (also free); a great tool for identifying bias - whether online, offline or electronic roulette.
If you’d rather play roulette at home, why not purchase a mini table layout and a mini set of real casino wheel checks. Contact us for details.
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