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Roulette Simulator         The Roulette Simulator is a ‘must have’ for both players and trade at every level. Discerning players can analyse the results of gaming action, whether online or offline for advantageous trends, if any, or simply to test any of the zillions of ‘winning systems’ and strategies currently on offer on the internet. For those who want more than just statistical analyses, the Wagering Systems section helps to design and test most systems and strategies.

Trade users such as casino operators and roulette wheel manufacturers will find the Roulette Simulator invaluable in re-producing the ‘winning’ strategies and ‘infallible’ systems of their descerning players and to verify roulette behaviour. A hard copy of all test results is also available in Adobe PDF..
For those who require additional features such as acoustical spectra analysis and assessing the predictability of their roulette wheels, the Epsilon module will be invaluable. We have a library of ‘features and benefits’ and can adapt or customise any of our software to your individual requirements.
Click screen image below for a larger view - only 20 of about 50 images are shown. 1. Open file / Generate spins 5. Select Reporting Criteria 6. Print Certification Report 2. Test Wagering System(s) 3. Financial performance per System 8. Wheel chart 17. Column performance 18. Finacial performance 19. System performance 20. Financial results 13. Statistical summary 14. 0/00 Wagering platform 16. Outside bets 9. Barchart 10.Gaussian distribution 11. cw/ccw spins 12. House Advantage 15. Consecutive Occurrences 7.Chi-squared plot 4. Full Statistical Analysis Roulette Wagering systems Roulette Simulator screen Roulette system financials Roulette Statistics Roulette Chi-squared plot Roulette wheel chart Roulette House Advantage Roulette Graphs – summary Roulette Column bets Roulette Wagering performance Roulette – Player performance Roulette performance Roulette wagering performance Roulette Chi-sq both directions Roulette House Advantage variation
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