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Roulette Behaviour Analysis (RBA)    Roulette Behaviour analysis CD Roulette Behaviour Analysis      The Roulette Behaviour Analysis (RBA) software ‘tool box’ helps the user to design roulette wheels, assess roulette behaviour and to identify bias, if any. Some wheels are more predictable than other wheels and the Epsilon module helps the user to identify the predictability of a particular wheel. by predict the winning numbers in real time and comparing the results. Over thirty-three modules and hundreds of screens. Video films may be used in lieu of a remote live video camera.

Suitable for research workers, roulette wheel manufacturers and discerning operators.
Click screen image below for a larger view - only 20 of about 200 images are shown. 1. Main RBA Screen 5. Chi-Squared Plot 6. Bar chart 2. Manual Spins Input 3. Manual Sector Spins 8. Spins with -e 17. Epsilon Predictor 18. 2-clicks Predictor 19. 0/00 Emulator 20. Pattern Width plot 13. Edit individual spins 14. Friction test 16. Prediction systems 9. Bar: Spins with -e 10. Ball track plot 11. Histogram plot 12. Split spins file 15. Friction plot 7. Wheel chart 4. Generate Random Spins Roulette – Chi-squared plot Roulette – Bar-chart Roulette - Generate random spins Roulette – Wheel-chart Roulette – Spins and Restitution Roulette – Spins and Restitution Roulette – Enter individual spins Roulette – Predicting the winning number Roulette – 2 click prediction Roulette – Pattern width Roulette – Cylinder deceleration Roulette – Ball / wheel speeds Roulette – Predicting the outcome Roulette – Restitution Roulette – Histogram
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