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Roulette Predictor    Roulette Behaviour analysis CD Roulette Behaviour Analysis      The Roulette Predictor of the Roulette Behaviour Analysis was first developed as a visual indication on how the hand-held covert roulette prediction devices work.

The software is based on the same mathematical models and can be used by the discerning player for training purposes - and a very convenient way to learn how the actual model works. The Roulette Predictor can be used in real time by connecting a remote video camera monitoring live gaming action. In the event that live gaming action is not available, a pre-recoded video of gaming action can be used instead.

Operational gaming data for both the wheel and the ball e.g. speed, rotation and deceleration are displayed in real time when the video tracker monitors both the ball and the wheel, works out the exit point of the ball (displayed by a white square) and predicts the winning number.
Click screen image below for a larger view - only 15 screens are shown 1. Prediction Model 1 5. Tracker in operation 6. Predicted v. Actual 2. Manual calibration 2. Parameters evaluated 3. Predicted v. Actual 4. Calibration stage 8. Roulette Predictor      7. Auto calibration data    9. Angular Position 10. Angular Velocity 11. Velocity against Position 14. Prediction Model 3 12. Start Position 15. 2-clicks Prediction t Roulette – Chi-squared plot Roulette – Bar-chart Roulette - Generate random spins Roulette - Generate random spins Roulette – Wheel-chart Roulette – Spins and Restitution Roulette – Spins and Restitution
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