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Roulette Chi-Squared    Roulette Behaviour analysis CD Roulette Behaviour Analysis      Most casinos provide player score cards as a service to their players. The players jot down the winning numbers of a gaming session in an effort to predict roulette behaviour.

Copy the winning numbers from the player score card to your PC by clicking the appropriate number on the keypad.

Alternatively, type the winning numbers into Notepad as save as e.g. mynumbers. Then click on Open Spins File to import the numbers.

The winning numbers are plotted in a Wheel-chart and the PC works out simple statistical analyses e.g. Chi-squared, Standard deviation, Black, Red and Odds.

Please note that our current series of software applications were written in Microsoft's VB.NET 2008 (with WPF extension) programming language for the Windows Vista operating system.
1. Main Screen 6. View Individual Nos 7. Open and Display File 2. 0-Type in Nos 3. Plots Single-0 Data 4. Single-0 File Data 5. Chi-Squared Plot 9. Help      8. About    10. Help-2   t   Roulette - Generate random spins Roulette - Generate random spins   Click screen image below for a larger view - only 20 of about 50 images are shown.
Written in VB.Net 2008
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