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Roulette Certification    Roulette Behaviour analysis CD Roulette Behaviour Analysis      Roulette Certification is based on a 20-year research programme on the behaviour of roulette wheels; the test results are documented for an independent authority to verify if and when it is required.

A ‘Pass’ test provides the operator with the confidence, assurance and peace of mind that the wheel(s) are free from manufacturing defects that may affect their behaviour on the gaming floor and thus be eliminated as the contributing factor for table loss.

A Certificate of Performance can be issued as documentary evidence.It is crucial that the wheel(s) are be used and maintained correctly by the operator as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please note that certain hardware are needed to complete the test programme.
1. Spin Test 5. Audio test 6. Ball pattern test 2. Coefficient of Restitution test 3. Cylinder deceleration test 4. Remote Video test   8. Test Report      7. Ball exit test      Download Software Screens Download Sample Report Roulette – Bar-chart Roulette – Bar-chart t     Roulette - Generate random spins   
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