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Casino Roulette    Roulette Behaviour analysis CD Roulette Behaviour Analysis      Casino Roulette is a popular roulette game with a difference. The first screen offers the options to select Single or Double Zero roulette, Currency, set the table minimum and maximum Limits, set the Table ID number, issue Starting Table Float, set default Player colour, value and bankroll.

Set Player No.2 to 8 with a bankroll (tick a box to make the selection random), set Proxy Player mode if all players are required to play, set the level of Fills and Credits and mark up Player Colour (the values range from 0.5 to 25,000). There are two banners for advertising purposes. Click next and you are now ready to play. You can test your wagering strategy, almost any gaming system or just run your own roulette table and look at the Drop, Handle, House Advantage, Profit, Loss etc.
1. Select Currency, Set limits, etc 5. Gaming Action Report I 6. Gaming Action Report II 2. Place wagers on the Layout 3. Upto 8 players can play 4. Generate Gaming Action Report 9. About 8. Double Zero Roulette      11. Help 7. Open Spins File    10. Other Products   t   Roulette - Generate random spins Roulette - Generate random spins Click screen image below for a larger view
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