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A selection of white papers on the history, evolution and fabrication methods of Game Counters and Casino Chips from the early 1800’s to the present day. Includes prior art, Intellectual Property and measures to foil the counterfeiters Casino Chips Free PDF Download Download free 24-page PDF More>>     Professional
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Use video clips (or live video camera) and see how the Predictor tracks both ball and wheel and works out the pocket where the ball is likely to land. For Windows XP and Vista More>>   Exclusive - Roulette Predictor       
Prediction: Fact or Fiction? Video tracking of a State-of-the-Art Wheel Predictor. Designed and developed exclusively for Roulette Research. For Windows XP and Vista. More>>
Intellectual Property (IP) Have a good idea? Do you want to protect it? Here is what you should do next. More>>
Casino Chips The financial security of the casino depends upon the integrity of its gaming chips - a brief account of the evolution of the casino chip. More>> Casino Balls Is it that players continue to place metal objects in roulette balls or is it mistrust of the electric cables that run downthe side of roulette ...More>> Table Games How an effective marketing strategy allows for the generation of new casino revenue, rather than merely redirecting ...More>>              Become an Affiliate Contact us to become an affiliate and earn commission on sales.
Why Roulette Tables Lose An in-depth analysis of the reasons why roulette gaming tables lose - including loss due to skill allied to chance. More>>
Evoluation of Roulette A first hand acount of the research that lead to the design of the first low profile roulette wheel in the world. More>>
Discerning players can analyse the results of gaming action, whether online or offline for advantageous trends, test any ‘winning systems’ and strategies currently on offer on the internet More>>   Exclusive - Roulette Simulator        
The ultimate roulette game for both players and operators. It features starting table float, player colour, table limits, fills / credits and much more. Ideal for checking wagering strategies More>>   Exclusive - Casino Roulette        
The original research software (originally written in BBC Basic and Turbo Pascal) for the analysis of roulette behaviour. Ideal for designing and testing roulette wheels. For Windows XP and Vista More>>   Exclusive - Roulette Behaviour Analysis                
Certification is based on a research programme that tests the behaviour of rulette wheels rather than specific dimensions statistical tests and manufacturing tolerances More>>   Exclusive - Roulette Certification                
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